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Has your Las Vegas swimming pool developed a problem with algae bloom? Call the experts! We’re experienced in all types of algae removal methods and can solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

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If you pool and spa water has started to turn green due to the formation of algae, we can help you solve the problem with algaecide and other methods of restoring the proper chemical balance.

If the problem has grown more serious that chemical alone can take care of, we can help you solve those problems too with a drain and clean utilizing a chlorine wash or an acid wash.


Steve W, Las Vegas, NV


Hands down the best pool service in the Valley. I have used Summerlin Hills Pools for 9 years and with multiple pools. My pools are crystal clear even after I’ve had big groups of people in them. Mike and his team gets the pool back in shape in no time. They are proactive in taking care of the pool and noticing any potential problems before they occur. I have referred them to several friends and they take great care of their pool as well. One thing I really admire is that Mike tells it like it is… when there’s something that needs to be done, he spells out the problem clearly and the resolution. It’s good piece of mind. I also have two dogs that are thrilled to see Mike every week.

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