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Las Vegas residents are required to completely change the water in their swimming pool every two years in order to sustain healthy water quality. If it’s time to drain and re-fill your swimming pool, call the experts!

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No matter how clean, chemically balanced and well-maintained you keep your swimming pool and spa, the water can’t actually last forever. Over time and the natural process of evaporation, chemicals, calcium, dirt and other contaminates will begin to concentrate. Eventually, chemicals and cleaning alone will not be able to restore your pool waters optimal balance due to these high concentrations. It is for this reason that pool owners in Las Vegas are actually required to completely drain and refill their swimming pool at least once every two years. 

Think of it almost exactly like changing the oil in your car every 3-5000 miles. For optimal effectiveness, and depending on the overall condition of your pool, a chlorine wash or acid wash may also be required between draining and refilling.

If it’s time to give your pool this fresh start, Summerlin Hills Pool Service is here for you. We’ll start by first using our years of experience and professional knowledge to determine the chemical balance and concentrations in your pool water. This will help us determine whether or not it’s time to drain and refill your pool as well as whether or not it will need further treatment while empty. After draining, treating and refilling we will add all the proper chemicals to renew your pool water once again.

  1. Professionally check chemical levels and balance
  2. Properly drain the pool in compliance with all codes and city ordinances
  3. Depending on conditions, chlorine wash or acid wash the pool walls, floors and surfaces while empty
  4. Refill the pool
  5. Chemically balance the water
  6. Let you know it’s time to enjoy your pool again!



Pool Draining

As pool water evaporates, minerals and contaminants (such as dust, sunscreen, pool chemicals, etc.) become concentrated, eventually making it difficult to maintain the chemical balance in your pool.
Don’t drain your pool water without a chemical analysis from a pool professional or pool supply store. Although opinions vary, if your total dissolved solids (TDS) exceed 1,500 parts per million (ppm) or if your calcium hardness exceeds 350 ppm (or about 20 grains), it may be time to replace some of the pool water . . . .
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Pool Draining Guide for properties with septic systems

The disposal of water from a swimming pool and/or spa for properties serviced by a septic system always poses a unique challenge. Section 11.4 of the SNHD Regulations Governing Individual Sewage Disposal Systems and Liquid Waste Management PDF 1MB pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 444.650 has the following restriction: “The disposal of water from swimming pool or spa into or over the septic system is prohibited. The disposal of backwash waste from pool or spa filters into the septic system is prohibited.” Essentially, the septic system would be overloaded and fail if water from a swimming pool or spa is drained into or over it.
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